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The Outer Limits is a classic science fiction TV series with its first season premiering in the early 1960s. Since then there have been multiple incarnations of the show some even as recently as a few years ago. Of course by far the best iteration of the show came in the mid 90s when Showtime network picked up the rights and put the show on premium cable. This allowed the show to add all the nudity and cursing they wanted and make The Outer Limits an hour long format.

It also gave them a bigger budget than other versions of the show, which allowed them to hire top tier actors even in the first few seasons. In an episode in the first first season of the reinvigerated Outer Limits they got Alyssa Milano right between Who's The Boss and Charmed, to play a prudish college co-ed. The Outer Limits is a show that, not surprisingly focuses on the paranormal. A lot of the show's episodes focused on aliens, scientific experiments gone awry, and alternate worlds and universes. In Alyssa Milano's episode a small, gross looking projectile crashes through the ceiling in Alyssa Milano's dorm room. When she goes over to investigate what it is a thick mist envelopes her and then is completely absorbed into Alyssa Milano's body.

As it turns out, Alyssa Milano's character gets infected with an alien entity. The alien presence soon needs to feed and it does this by absorbing men in the throws of sexual exctasy. This means that for the entire episode Alyssa Milano's normally reserved character goes around campus seducing and fucking every guy she can get her hands and then kills them. The first time the alien tries to feed in Alyssa Milano's body it's with her characters boyfriend and she starts stripping naked to seduce him. Alyssa Milano strips off her dress and then takes of her lacey black bra and panties in the beginning of the episode.